Thursday, February 5, 2009


Good afternoon,
Its a lovely day outside here today. Its a nice change to see sunshine and have it be halfway warm. We have a busy weekend planned. Tomorrow we are going to Wichita to the swap meet at the coliseum. Saturday night we have a party to go to in Oklahoma for his car organization. I think both will be a nice time. I started a new Lisa Jackson novel yesterday. I haven't gotten to far in it yet, but so far its pretty good. So far Sadie hasn't had anymore seizures which is good. We have been working on the firewall in the car, trying to get it smoothed out for when it gets painted. I got in the baking mood today. So I made some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Cookies always seem to be a big hit in this house. They always dissapear quickly which is good that way I don't eat to many. Have a good evening all and Happy Tailwagging!!!!