Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Hi all,
Its a somber day in my house today. Yesterday we had to put our boxer Sadie down. She was getting worse so we had to make the call. I have to say its already lonely without her. Its never an easy thing to do. But its the worst when you've had them for a lot of years. She isn't suffering though and that's the main thing. She will be greatly missed. I guess they say time heals all wounds, it just takes a while when they're deep. She was my loyal companion for a lot of years this was my turn to be loyal to her. She gave me ten good years and they will always be remembered. Saying goodbye was tough but then it always is. Well anyway here's a toast to Sadie may she rest in peace. Happy Tailwagging!!!!

In memory of Sadie
November 1st 1999 to March 24th 2009
We will miss you!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Good day everyone,
Well our big girl is hanging on ,we're just taking it day by day with her. She has had a stroke, and couple of seizures but she's holding her own. She has a ways to go to be normal again if she ever will be but she has a will to live and as long as she has that she's got a chance. She doesn't appear to be suffering so we are giving her the best care we can. The vet told us to put her on baby aspirin to deal with the seizures so we did that. As for the stroke part only time will tell whether she will regain what she has lost or not. She circles to the left alot .P.artly because of focusing problems with her eyes. And also partly because of the brain activity or lack there of that stroke victims deal with. She also hasn't wagged her nubbin since this happened, and she hasn't barked. Its really kind of weird but hopefully she will come out of some of this and be the dog that we love to play with again. Have a good day all!! Happy Tailwagging!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Our Furry Companions

Hi all,
Sorry its been a while life just hasn't been all that exciting. But now our boxer Sadie is having some problems. And we're not totally sure whats going on with her so I'm concerned. You know you never realize how much they affect your life until you don't know what to do for them. They are always there for you. And when they get at that age when they have health issues. It is tough knowing that theres going to be that day when you have to tell them goodbye. I hope that day is later than sooner but you just never know. To all you animal lovers out there love them as much as you can while you can. Happy Tailwagging !!!!