Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Our Furry Companions

Hi all,
Sorry its been a while life just hasn't been all that exciting. But now our boxer Sadie is having some problems. And we're not totally sure whats going on with her so I'm concerned. You know you never realize how much they affect your life until you don't know what to do for them. They are always there for you. And when they get at that age when they have health issues. It is tough knowing that theres going to be that day when you have to tell them goodbye. I hope that day is later than sooner but you just never know. To all you animal lovers out there love them as much as you can while you can. Happy Tailwagging !!!!

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CC said...

My prayers are with Sadie and you right now. You said the right words, love them all while they are here and be with them with love and kindness right to the end. A dog's best friend is you, and I know how much you love Sadie. Please keep us updated and I hope all the worry is for nothing. :)