Monday, April 6, 2009


Well its another Monday,what is it about this day that always makes it seem blah? We never look forward to it, and are glad when its over. This day gets the worst wrap of all. It's a cold day here in Kansas today. I think spring decided to leave for a couple days and let winter come back. At least it was a nice weekend. We visited a customer of his over the weekend that bought a race track in Missouri. It was the first shoot out race there for the year. It went really well and we had good time seeing friends and watching the action. They had one wreck but the guy wasn't hurt so that was a good deal. And actually didn't hurt the car too bad so I'm sure he will be back out sometime this season. I got to see my first top fuel car in person that was cool. You sure do feel it when they make a pass. Hope you all have a good day!! Happy Tailwagging!!!

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