Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday without rain

            Hello all,
                   Its been quite a while since I've written on here. We have been doing all sorts of things. Anything from dealing with lawnmower problems, to cleaning up our deck area of vines and debris. Our furry little critters are glad to have it not raining this week.  We went to a friends boys graduatuion over the weekend it was nice to see everyone.
The geenhouse that his daughter runs is really flourishing this year. They've got all kinds of landscaping jobs to do. And the shop itself is doing good this year. She and her fiance and all who work there are doing a great job. They are really making a name for theirselves.  

It will be nice to be able to do some grilling this week without getting wet in the process. We are doing hamburgers tonight and probably some tater tots. Its always nice to be able to cook outdoors. It makes for less mess, and grilled food is always a hit. And its nice to spend time outside.

We have lots of projects to do this summer. I think we will stay quite busy. The next thing I want to do out on the back deck is repaint it. That will make it look so much better and help preserve it in the process. And I don't mind painting so its a good project.  Also we want to clean up an old flower bed back there that is overgrown with vine and other things that will make it look lots nicer back there after we do that. Thats just a couple of the priojects on the choppping block but its enough to stay busy with for a little while.

Have a good day,
              and as always
        Happy Tailwagging!!!!

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